Urn with Nature Pot 2018


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Urn with Nature Pot

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Dimensions (H x W x D)

77 x 40 x 40 cm


swamp paperbark / Eastern quoll, yellow box, / growling grass frog, silurian / sediments, tussock grass, stubble / quail, kororoit creek, mulloway, / wetland wallaby grass, minox strana (powerful owl) / brush turkey, candlebark / merri creek, black wattle, red / river gum, lava plains, kookaburra, / spotted, galaxias, busaria spinosa, / mannagum, Eastern pygmy possum, / black wallaby, glass creek, / eucalyptus macrorhyncha / short finned eel, pleistorene / tafted honey eaters, Platypus / Pink swamp-heath, yabby / allocasaurina /

Credit line

Commissioned by the City of Melbourne, 2018
City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection
© Courtesy of the artist


Angela Brennan, Urn with Nature Pot, ceramics, Sevres vase (1880), Emblazon: Melbourne's coat of arms, City Gallery, 2018


Artist statement

In March 2018, the City of Melbourne invited me to respond to its Sèvres vase.

My work is an earthenware vessel with a separate top. I have worked with the original form but ‘played’ with its features. Instead of two squarish handles I have placed four curved handles towards the base. The four smaller vessels at the top of the pot echo the original vase, a kind of self-referential play on vase-making. The sculptural kangaroo on the lid mirrors the painted kangaroo on the Sèvres vase. Inspired by German lava-ware pottery, I have chosen colours that in the kiln create an effect of ‘running into each other’. This effect also reflects the geology of Melbourne’s west, with its immense volcanic lava plains. I have also used quite a lot of gold/metallic glaze, inspired by the gold on the original urn.

Lastly, the text on my pot captures and honours the environment of Melbourne before Melbourne existed.

Angela Brennan
June 2018