A corny world flag 2013

DEACON, Destiny (K’ua K’ua and Erub/Mer)

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DEACON, Destiny (K’ua K’ua and Erub/Mer)


A corny world flag

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digital print on polyester, nylon

Dimensions (H x W x D)

125 x 250 cm

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Commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria in collaboration with the City of Melbourne, 2013
City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection
© Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, image courtesy of the National Gallery of Victoria


Destiny Deacon, A corny world flag, 2013, Stewart Russell, Spacecraft, National Gallery of Victoria, NGV, City of Melbourne, Melbourne Now


This flag by Destiny Deacon (K’ua K’ua and Erub/Mer) was created as a part of the public art project 'On top of the world: Flags for Melbourne series' that was presented as a part of the 'Melbourne Now' exhibition in 2013-2014. 41 flags designed by artists were displayed on flagpoles across the City of Melbourne and concurrently display in the Great Hall at NGV International. The project was curated by Stewart Russell of Spacecraft Studios. This flag was displayed outside the Old Arts Building at the University of Melbourne.

"I tried to come up with some [flag] symbolism I came up with a corny world flag and so I made a star shape that’s supposed to be the guiding sprits that nourish our souls. Then the egg shape is a brown colour that is a sort of melting pot that if you put all the people of the world together they would come into this colour. Then I put in these checks. The idea behind that is it is like fishing net that gathers everybody up together. So you’ve got the stars and the spirits and the seas represented in the aqua colour, and then the people. And this (the fishing net area) is sort of the grey areas like the grey areas in life that people need to deal with." - Destiny Deacon, 2013