Aurora 2005

BARTLETT, Geoffrey

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BARTLETT, Geoffrey



Production date



316 stainless steel

Dimensions (H x W x D)

12000 x 12000 x 12000 cm

Credit line

Commissioned by VicUrban (now Development Victoria) and later transferred to the City of Melbourne
City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection


Aurora, Geoffrey Bartlett, Docklands, outdoor sculpture


Location: cnr Harbour Esplanade and Bourke St, Docklands The large sculptural work 'Aurora', at Victoria Point, engages with the history of Docklands. The work’s central component is a sweeping netlike form constructed in stainless steel, held aloft by three curved and tapering stainless-steel legs. It is suggestive of technologies once used to move cargo between ships and shore, underscoring the historical importance of the site as a shipping port. The work encourages passers-by to walk through it, but the vertical elements also draw the viewer’s attention up to the main, netlike component, challenging them to consider its meaning. Named after the Greek goddess of dawn, 'Aurora' has a stainless-steel surface is highly reflective and responds to changes in natural light during the day. By night, the main component is lit internally, creating the impression of a glowing orb suspended above street level.