Double Vortex 2006

ROBBINS, Cameron

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ROBBINS, Cameron


Double Vortex

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glass, stainless steel, bronze, 130 litres water, 250 year-old kauri pine, cedar ply, pumps, plumbing, electric timers. (glass blown by Mark Douglass)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

180 x 80 x 230 cm

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Commissioned by the City of Melbourne, 2006
City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection


Cameron Robbins, Double Vortex, CH2 Artworks, contemporary Australian art


Twin blown-glass chambers in which pumps spin water, producing vortices Artist Statement The vortex is very close to being a living thing. It is known as a ‘dissipative structure’, a class including any self-regulating organism (for example a tree, bird, or person) where energy is drawn in, structurally organised, and released at the other end. CH2 (Council House 2) can also be seen as a kind of living system; us as part of nature. The clockwise and anticlockwise spinning vortices illuminate a connection between CH2 and the history of constructive alternative science, especially concerning water and energy. Both this artwork and the CH2 project involve a process of exploration and invention and the fundamental interweaving of the concepts nature and culture. The artwork is located in the CH2 foyer. Cameron Robbins, 2006