Kill That Rat 1955

City of Melbourne Health Committee

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City of Melbourne Health Committee


Renwick Pride Pty Ltd


Kill That Rat

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ink and paper

Dimensions (H x W x D)

60 x 40 cm (framed, approx.)


CITY OF MELBOURNE / KILL THAT RAT / CAMPAIGN / Eliminate the Rat Menace to Health / Poison Bates may be purchased at small cost at the / Council’s Department, 2nd Floor, Town Hall Chambers, / 246 Little Collins Street, in quantities to suit every / circumstance. / By order of the Health Committee of the Melbourne City Council / G.J. DEAN, Acting Town Clerk / Renwick Pride PTY LTD

Credit line

City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection


Health, Rats, Melbourne, G.J.Dean, Melbourne City Council, Melbourne Town Hall


Rat populations have always been a problem in cities. The black plague, which is estimated to have killed half the population of Europe in the 14th century, is just one of many diseases attributed to the presence of rats in places with relatively high population densities. The communication strategies used by city authorities have changed over the years but the purpose has been the same, as this poster from the 1950s indicates.