Paeonia officinalis 2013

PIGGOTT, Rosslynd

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PIGGOTT, Rosslynd


RUSSELL, Stewart


Paeonia officinalis

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digital print on polyester, nylon

Dimensions (H x W x D)

125 x 250 cm

Credit line

Commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria in collaboration with the City of Melbourne, 2013
City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection
© Courtesy of the artist and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne, image courtesy of the National Gallery of Victoria


Rosslynd Piggott, Regardfully Yours: Waving to the next infinitum, 2013, Stewart Russell, Spacecraft, National Gallery of Victoria, NGV, City of Melbourne, Melbourne Now


This flag by Rosslynd Piggott was created as a part of the public art project 'On top of the world: Flags for Melbourne series' that was presented as a part of the 'Melbourne Now' exhibition in 2013-2014. 41 flags designed by artists were displayed on flagpoles across the City of Melbourne and concurrently display in the Great Hall at NGV International. The project was curated by Stewart Russell of Spacecraft Studios.

Piggott created three flags titled 'Regardfully Yours: Waving to the Next Infinitum', which were flown on top of the Herbarium at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens.

"Three flags mounted on the top of the Herbarium at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens wave hello to the idea of infinity. Three flowers pictured are - Magnolia Soulangiana, Cherry Blossom and Peony, punctured with symbols of a circle, a loveheart and infinity sign, they are printed on silk. The silk thread made by worms and woven into fabric, will unravel in the wind, high in the air away from the earth home of the worms. Magnolias are prehistoric flowers existing before bees, they were pollinated by beetles. They have been found embedded in fossils dating back 95 million years." - Rosalind Piggott, 2013