Untitled (Australian one dollar note) 2013

GRIFFIN, Matthew

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GRIFFIN, Matthew


RUSSELL, Stewart


Untitled (Australian one dollar note)

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digital print on polyester, nylon

Dimensions (H x W x D)

125 x 250 cm

Credit line

Commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria in collaboration with the City of Melbourne, 2013
City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection
© Courtesy of the artist, image courtesy of the National Gallery of Victoria


Matthew Griffin, Australian one dollar note, 2013, Stewart Russell, Spacecraft, National Gallery of Victoria, NGV, City of Melbourne, Melbourne Now


This flag by Matthew Griffin was created as a part of the public art project 'On top of the world: Flags for Melbourne series' that was presented as a part of the 'Melbourne Now' exhibition in 2013-2014. 41 flags designed by artists were displayed on flagpoles across the City of Melbourne and concurrently display in the Great Hall at NGV International. The project was curated by Stewart Russell of Spacecraft Studios. This flat was displayed at Melbourne Town Hall.

"I wanted to make two flags from an old Australian one dollar bill. I like the idea of two sides of the one thing and the monarchy/aboriginal play that holds true to the flags that are normally there. I also like the idea of how those will work when there isn’t any wind, fluid unlike the way you usually think of money (folded or flat). There is also the idea of ‘old money’ and I kind of like the use of something old in relation to 'now." - Matthew Griffin, 2023